Kelson Books

is pleased to announce our newest title:

A Natural History of Now:

reports from the edge of nature

edited by Sara J. Call and Jennifer Li-Yen Douglass

A collection of new nature writing that challenges the genre — edgy, humane, deeply implicated in the dying world that is renewing itself around us daily. From the University of Montana’s Environmental Writing Program and writers from all over the US.

Available now in bookstores or from Kelson Books.

Advance praise for A Natural History of Now:

“An underwater Christ, how to lasso a kittiwake, Egyptian flies, bugling elk, a man who shoots poachers, vegetarians dismantling pigs. . . Welcome to a book far removed from the orthodox bucolic, mannered, and self-absorbed Nature Essay. These pieces are startling, funny, piercing, and often unforgettable. My advice: buy this book, eat it over the weekend, and then give it to someone who will dig it. Which will be everyone.”

— Brian Doyle, author of Mink River


And from nationally-recognized poet and columnist David Biespiel–

Every Writer Has a Thousand Faces: for writers, artists, musicians, dancers, & anyone else who leads a creative life

A smart and loving look at what unlocks the creative process, from the founder of Portland’s Attic Workshop, home to a dynamic stable of inspired teachers and writers.

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