Wortschau Collaborations

This is a German literary magazine from Düsseldorf/Köln. I was invited to be featured poet in the September 2014 issue (printed in English and translated into German).

In addition, I am enjoying an ongoing exchange of “public letters” with co-editor Johanna Hansen. Our letters are printed in the magazine, also. The second exchange appears in the January 2015 issue.

Poetry on the Orange Line (Public Art)

Some lines of my poetry are stamped into the concrete of light-rail platforms, as part of a public-art commission by Buster Simpson along the new “Orange Line” that will open in September 2015. People waiting for their train may look down and be surprised… amused… nonplussed…!

The Walt Whitman Project

With an ad-hoc team of creative spirits, I organized a multi-voiced public read-through of the entire long poem Song of Myself: Fifty-two readers for the fifty-two sections! Our reading/celebration took place Wednesday evening, October 20 2010, at Pacific Northwest College of Art in downtown Portland.

This has become a biennial event, handed over to a new team each round. Last round was May 2014; next round is in the works.