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is pleased to announce our newest titles:


The Saplings Think of Us as Young

The Saplings Think of Us as Young

By Kimberly Kralowec

ISBN 978-0-9827838-9-4

Kralowec sees through the mysteries of the everyday into a transcendent world of strangeness: “I feel again what several people told me did not exist.” We as readers—marvelously—are made to feel it, too.

— Jay Deshpande,
author of Love the Stranger


Tina Tau, Ask for Horses: Memoir of a Dream-Guided LifeAsk for Horses: Memoir of a Dream-Guided Life  

By Tina Tau


“This is a memoir like no other. You have been preparing to read it all your life.”

— Kim Stafford

“Tina Tau’s. . . dedication to dreams, paradoxically, is what renders the reader wide awake. I’ve always wanted my own life to feel like that, and now I know for certain it can.”

— Raphael Cushnir, author of Surfing Your Inner Sea

A Place of Exodus: Home, Memory, and Texas

A memoir by David Biespiel

ISBN 978-0-9827838-5-6

“In the great American tradition of improvised cultural makings and unmakings, migration and recurrence, David Biespiel unfolds our national quest onto an unexpected terrain: a decidedly Texan and traditionally Jewish neighborhood of Houston. A surprising, heartbreaking and inspiring story.” 

— Robert Pinsky

“[A] testament to the honest imagination, a sort of sacred text.”

— Tracy Daugherty


David Biespiel, Every Writer Has a Thousand FacesEvery Writer Has A Thousand Faces: For writers, artists, musicians, dancers, and anyone else who leads a creative life

By David Biespiel

ISBN 978-0-9827838-4-9

“This book has been in print forever because what it offers works for people. . . . you’re about to read magic.”

– Chuck Palahniuk

“Does for the creative process what Strunk and White did for our approach to grammar and style. Indispensible.”

– Marjorie Sandor

“Finally, an anti-bullshit book on creativity!”

– James Marcus


A Way Home: Oregon Essays

by Scott F. Parker

with drawings by Alex Hirsch

ISBN 978-0-9827838-3-2

$18.00 / 186 pages

“Parker writes with consuming intelligence, but beauty takes precedence…”

— Kirkus (Starred Review)

“Enduring meditations that resonate far. . .” “Wonderfully fresh”

— Patricia Hampl, author of The Art of the Wasted Day Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2018





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Kelson Books

Kelson Books
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 “And I know. . . that a kelson of creation is love” — Walt Whitman