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“Farthing” – Rattle 80 (Summer 2023) and featured on daily poetry email (18 August 2023)

“Not Enough to Ski On” – Rattle “Poets Respond” feature (28 February 2023)

“Balsamroot” – Cascadia Field Guide (Mountaineers, 2023)

“Against the Tongue” – Cirque (February 2023)

“Surprise Comes Slowly“ – Orion (Spring 2022)

“To Live like This” – December Poetry (Spring/Summer 2022)

2015 Swan Scythe Press Award. The Heron Place published January 2016.

Finalist for various prizes, including the Lascaux Prize, Inlandia Gravendyk Prize, Nimrod’s Pablo Neruda Award, and the 2018 Ars Poetica Prize (from Riddled With Arrows).

Dovid Heersche Badonnah award for poetry, Bitterroot International Poetry Magazine, 1983

Poems in many regional and national journals, including Yellow Silk, California Poetry Quarterly, PoetryLA, Fireweed, Green Fuse, Tsunami, Galley Sail, The Oregonian

Read excerpts from “Channeling Walt in Time of War” and “Peace In Exile